Game Day Fashion | Baseball Edition

Detroit Tigers Gameday

Baseball season is still going strong, though we will be approaching the stretch & Playoffs soon. I was asked by, Fanatics to share my Game Day outfit with y’all. But to be honest, I just wear a team player T-Shirt, baseball cap, tennis shoes, and either jeans or shorts. That is rather boring, so I thought I would share a more fashionable option with y’all. Though, if I’m going to a game that doesn’t feature the Tigers, I will wear either a skirt & top or dress in the home team colors.

The base of my outfit features a light grey skirt & orange gingham tank blouse — simple and easy way to show the team colors for my favorite baseball team, the Detroit Tigers. To accessories the look I added: brown belt [adds definition to the waist], navy colored stud earrings [another way to add the team colors], coral-pink lipstick, white sandals, team baseball cap [my favorites are the fitted ones], and a beige colored handbag [keep it smaller in the summer, and option for a larger bag once the weather goes colder].

If you looking for things to add to your game day outfit, be sure to check Fanatics out as they have a large selection of gear for all teams.

What does your baseball game day outfit look like?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Chiara T. says:

    This outfit in gorgeous. Chic but practice for a match!
    Nice, girls!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page


  2. Grace M says:

    That's a really cute outfit!!


  3. Jill says:

    Cute outfit! Feminine but very sporty!🙂


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